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We're all moved and tucked in and in all honesty I keep pinching myself and waiting for the other shoe to drop because this is such a fine house and a fine lawn and we keep getting the weirdest surprises, like edible things the old owners planted, growing out of nowhere. And edible things we should never have found anyway, such as two big-ass common morels (these bitches are 129$ per kilogram) sprouting under my equally surprise rhubarb plants. Yes, money is tighter now but worth it on all accounts.

Grumpy undergone some kind of caveman transformation from renter-man to owner-man and actually started doing shit around the house. Not doing-shit-because-I-nagged-him-to-death like before, doing them before I even ask. He and my dad did a lot of work and we're still not done because they somehow got into their head to build me a kitchen table. Hey, who am I to deny them this :P Seriously, Grumpy's doing SO much better since the move. He's got more purpose than before. And damn is he sexy with a purpose. Never thought I'd still be crazy about him after 14 years, but here we go :D

Beetle's 5 and a half, starting school next fall, she's tall and sturdy like a horse. Already wearing shoes from the teen section -_- Her cousin who's only 3 months older is getting her hand-me-down! Speaking of horse, her horse obsession hasn't worn off so we're scraping money to get her riding lessons. Meanwhile I'm trying to teach her how to draw from life, and paint. We can't exactly afford riding AND painting lessons anyway lol

Émile is...annoying :P He's gone from terrible two to terrible three quite smoothly. But thankfully he keeps the hijinks at home and behaves quite well in public. This is when I'm happy to finally have a big yard. That boy needed some running.

Now next on my to-do list...all-year-round goldfish pond. NOT an easy feature in Quebec, this will need to be at least a meter deep. But hey, I've got all the time in the word (and one sturdy shovel)
The house is almost done being painted, but Grumpy keeps finding more stuff to do so we're not moving yet. I have to say it will be nice to have the hardwood floors varnished and the ceramic tiles sealed, but I just want to move already x_x

Selecting colors for all the rooms have been such a blast, especially considering that Grumpy wanted fuck-all to do with it, so I got the widest berth there ever was :P Beetle chose some horrendous bubblegum pink for her room, and I also need to paint a freaking horse on her wall because I'm an idiot and I love her. On top of that I've decided to buy some glow-in-the-dark paint and try to do some extra stuff. I'm thinking of making the horse turn into a unicorn in the dark, and a night sky over her bed. So much fun will be had :D

Emile's room is of course blue and he wants me to draw a Lightning McQueen on his wall. And a killer whale. Maybe a killer whale riding Lightning McQueen? Then I decided to possibly have some regrets and painted the living room bright green. Still unsure but pretty much everyone who initially went 0_0 told me it grew on them.

I just can't wait for the snow to melt so I can properly use the solarium. Bought a Roomba too, cute little thing. The cats are going to hate it SO MUCH.

well fuck!

I just realized my pony collection have been laying in a big box for a few years now, I moved in such a rush I just threw them in with no extra packaging x_x I'm almost scared to check now. I hope they're still ok. I didn't have many cases of pony cancer but the color bleeding into each other is worrying me more. Good thing my bestest and nirvanas are unpacked and on my shelves. I will definitely have to use the sun bleaching method on a lot of my whites now that I have a solarium.

Randomly random

leave my fecking ship alone
It was all a nightmare but we're meeting the notary for the last time tomorrow and sathurday we're homeowners.

Like, are you freaking KIDDING ME?? I keep asking Grumpy what's wrong with the house and he keeps telling me nothing is. *sigh*

The 90-years-old who is selling it to us don't want to meet us because it's too much for him. He is selling because he can't physically live on his own and his wife has dementia and was recently institutionalized. This is shit I see all the time at work, people who come in with broken hips from a fall, and bam, discover they'll never be back home and need hospice care. I am sad that I can't meet him because he's giving us quite a gift with this house, he's also helping pay the insurance the bank is forcing us to get because some part of the house built in 1964 are now illegal (yeaaaah...). I wish I could hug him. This whole getting old shit is so fucking unfair.

Anyway. We'll make the best of that cute lil house. Hoping there's nothing seriously wrong with it that the inspector didn't get, like a clutch of vampire in the basement.

Speaking of basement will you look at this fucking basement! I don't want a modern basement, I want one that remind me of my best friend's basement where we would hole up all day and listen to Europe. It smelled like beeswax. I bet I can get it to smell like beeswax too.

And then there's the chickens. I think I shall have to gauge the neighbors first, before putting money on this particular project.

In other news, I went to sign Beetle up for school and now she's loosing her first baby tooth. Fuck me.

Back from the dead...with HOSPITAL TALES!

Some things I just can't write anywhere else than here, because fb sees everything and sometimes I just want to talk about the indignities of my job.

This week's topic: Cadavers.

I work in surgery, orthopaedic to be more precise, and while it's a specialisation that has mostly older patients (we've got 2 centenarians currently, both more mixed-up than a bowl of M&Ms but still quite healthy for post-surgery folks), we rarely have people dying on our watch. That would explain why we forget things like 1-putting the bed head at 0 degrees after the passing, lest the poor cadaver stiffens in a sitting position and has to be cracked into lying down. And since we are too much of a bunch of wussies to actually crack some-dead-body, we had to try quietly sending it to the morgue sitting in a gurney, down the hallway full of visiting people and patients. We're hot like that.

Then there's 2-The nice lady that unexpectedly died post-surgery and that someone simply forgot to pronounce leading to our shift doing a mad dash to get someone to pronounce her 5 hours after the deed-at least there was no doubts by then that she was dead...

And that was not over, after we finally get her pronounced and removed to the morgue, Admission tells us they've got another end-of-life patient they need to transfert to our room because they're in ICU and because of the shitty weather they need to vacate the room. Sad but okay eh? Well the lady is rolled in and proceeds to EXPIRE IN THE NURSE' AIDE'S ARMS AS THEY TRANSFERT HER TO HER BED. While her sister or girlfriend waits outside the room. So we're all OMG OMG OMG OMG WHATDOWEDOWHATDOWEFUCKING DO?????? That was just ridiculously bad.

So yeah, while I like to think we treat dead people with all the respect they deserve, I sure hope they don't hang around too long, 'lest they see me trying to pry their dentures off from their stiffening mouth before wrapping them up for the morgue. Because even though we were 3 in the room the 2 others were too chickenshit to touch him and oh why do I have balls x_x

But I love my job eh! 2 weeks ago we had someone at the ER with a can of hairspray up his butt! I saw the X-rays!

Being Grumps.

leave my fecking ship alone
Grumpy got sent back to night shift until at least the end of January. I hate stupid night shift SO MUCH. It's not even fitting my schedule so we have to rely on my parents to go pick up the kids from daycare every night. At least he has 2 weeks off for the Holidays, because I have a whooping 3 days off for Christmas and then have to work 6 days in a row. Healthcare worker F-yeah.

I know it's been 13 years and a loooong part of those were spent with him working night shift but I really got used to us being on the same schedule, something that hasn't happened a lot in our relationship. Regular alone time with my man with the kids asleep was nice. Now we barely get to cross each other's path. Merry fucking Christmas eh >:(

At least all the gifts are boughts and the rest need to be made and that's it. My parents are getting a pair of washable kids-made coffee mugs. I'm also painting a punk-rock themed breakfast set for a friend. Knitting and doing awesome Christmas craft. I just wish I worked less so I could craft more :P

And so far the only gift I'll receive is perfect so I don't want anything else.

Except my man of course. AM I GODDAMN CHEEZY OR WHAT.

....and we're waiting...

This whole house thingy is taking FOREVER!! Call this and sign that and wait and wait...we finally got a loan approved this morning (not that we had problems with that, we both have excellent credit record, but our mortgage person wanted to wait until the new rates were out to make a decision.

Only four months left...well less than four months now. More like 113 days. I refuse to countdown unless we're past the 100 days deadline, it's too depressing. The kids both caught their first cold and are coughing like mad, especially Émile who has really sensitive bronchi and is forced to live in a house covered in cheap shitty industrial carpets that must me at least 40 years-old. AND his room, being poorly build and insulated, has TWO walls lined with baseboard heaters. The air is so dry, the humidificator can barely cut through. But when we requested permission to remove the old carpeting in his room the renting company refused, unless we agreed to renegociate the lease first (upping the rent). Fuck these bastards. Seriously, I just can't wait to see them trying to find a new tenant for this ugly place. At the price they charge. Yeaaah no. I also hope they don't expect me to keep the place extra-tidy to sweeten it up.

Anyway I'm trying to be really positive about this. Just...RAGE-positive.

I'm not buying much for the new house but I will DEFINITELY require a Samsung electronic tablet (Sorry iPad, I can't live without an USB port!), a Roomba, a ridiculously comfy chair/lounging thing for the solarium, and a pair of stone lions to put on the lawn and dress up all year long. And a compost box. Not that bad uh? I'm even scouring the secondhand pages to get the obscenely comfy chair secondhand.


je suis le malin Ho-mer

We got the fucker for EVEN LESS than what we expected. Talk about crazy circumstances. See, as I said the previous homeowner was karted to a nursing home, and then not long after his daughter's house burned down, causing her to have to live in the house until next february. After that the insurance company wants her to have someone in the house or they won't cover an empty place. Another couple made a bigger offer, BUT the couple couldn't move in until June 1rst. Since she didn't want to deal with the risk and probably wanted to sell fast, she accepted our low offer, but only if we can move in by march 1rst. I saved like 9000$ by moving a month early than I intended to. I'll find the damned money. The real estate agent already told me I had more than I needed already.

So that's how apparently the planets aligned for us to have a cheap house with a wood stove and possibly city chickens.

I hope. Now that my nerves are no longer on the OMG WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENS BEFORE WE SIGN EVERYTHING, it's latched to believing that something will be terribly wrong, like the Krakken living downstairs, or a 25 pounds marmot who unfortunately has a lease now, and maybe the ghost of the '70s...

Scratch that. The ghost of the '70s would be awesome.

Anyway. That's that. Only one more winter here, hoping Emile's lungs can handle it. He was fine all summer but the moment the chill caught on, he starting coughing like he's got yogurt in his airways. I don't get it. We just cleaned the carpets, they were nasty all summer but he breathed just fine. As long as it's not the cats :(
Waiting for our first offer for a house to be accepted or denied. I'm a freaking wreck. Not gonna lie, I HATE HOUSE HUNTING. Some people love that shit, I don't. I didn't like looking for an appartment either. My anxiety totally dampen my ability to see if it's 'That one.'. Doesn't help that we are not people of big means, and we have our land in the countryside that is big deal to us even though we no longer plan to build a house on it, more like a nice little cottage with a fireplace and treehouses. So we want to keep paying for it.

The house is small but has a freaking solarium build next to the kitchen and plenty of room and a wood stove in the basement, the kind with a glass door so you can actually sit by firelight, and a bigass 6200 square-feet yard where I could plant my chicken coop and I doubt the neighbors would care. Hell, the garden is already there, with RASPERRY PLANTS.

I'm thinking, we already have small electric heaters we could use in the solarium in winter, try sitting in there in the middle of a snowstorm?? That would be AWESOME no? I hope it's feasible.

Anyway there's some small bother-the rooms are kind of weirdly arranged, I'm used to kitchen next to living room, and in this one the Kitchen and living room are on opposite sides of the house, with the kids' rooms in between. Also, it's an inheritance, the previous owner was carted to a nursing home with Alzheimer's, so it's old-fashionned inside. I don't really care for most, I LOVE THAT OLD '70 SHIT and redecorating? Bring it on. I'm the Queen of thrifty shit.

Here is it if you feel like being nosy. Sorry in french only!

The start of a tradition

So this weekend me and 3 buddies collectively abandonned 7 children at home with their respective fathers and spent a whole 24 hours in the countryside drinking ourselves silly and barely talking about our kids.

It was all shades of awesome, but I want you to remember mostly this fucking bug who hung over our hear while we were chillin' on the patio, and the direct consequence of said bug on 3 town girls

Absent from the picure is ME because I was taking picture and trying to convince them that longhorn beetles are stupid and innofensive bugs and we should all be bros. I ended up removing said bug to a safe place just in case.

I LOVE longhorn beetles, such misunderstood creatures...


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